iOttie OmniBolt Apple Watch & iPhone Charging Stand - Graphite:

iOttie OmniBolt Apple Watch & iPhone Charging Stand - Graphite


The OmniBolt Apple Watch & iPhone Charging Stand is a charging solution that provides simultaneous power to Apple Watch and iPhone. Charging your iPhone is simple and reliable with the built-in MFi certified Lightning connector. OmniBolt was developed to be a compact dual charging system, where you can easily insert your existing Apple Watch charger. Constructed with a balanced body and weighted base, the OmniBolt keeps both Apple devices steady and stable while charging. Designed with a minimal and approachable form, this dual charging station features a soft silicone outer shell. Built to have a clear viewing angle of both devices, the OmniBolt can be seen and charged anywhere from your desk, nightstand, or kitchen.

  • Built-In Certified Lightning Connector allows simple and accessible charging for your iPhone
  • Charger Socket is a designated area to insert your own Apple Watch Charger
  • Weighted base allows phone to charge and balance without tipping it over
  • Features a compact form and minimalist design
  • Includes a Support Bracket that holds heavier watchbands and a Support Tab that organizes cables
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